Intel IGK6 Poland- LEED Platinum
14 בNovember 2017
Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv
12 בFebruary 2018

Intel PTK1 Petah Tikva LEED PLATINUM

key facts

Intel's new development center in Israel, designed and certified as LEED PLATINUM building .

The 11-story building, with a surface area of 40,000 m2, is designed for connectivity through a connecting section coming out of the two-story lobby to another building in the future..

Energy savings: 34%

"Smart building"  at the highest level: 24/7 monitored and managed through its 17,000 sensors.





Project details:

Location: Petah Tikva

Owner: Intel

Architect: Eldar Mochly Architects

Construction Category: Offices

WAWA activity: LEED Design, Energy efficiency, thermal comfort consulting


  • Design of a unique and advanced office building, one of the leading "smart buildings" in the world.
  • Compliance with the international LEED standard in the highest rating - LEED PLATINUM.
  • Simultaneous planning with Construction due to tight schedule required for occupancy.
  • Significant planning changes in later stages of planning
    • Changing target from originally Gold level to Platinum
    • Adding floors by the 2nd half of the build process.
    • Change the entire building envelope from a standard wall screen to a double façade screen.
    • Adding atrium with skylight and changing the interior design for a better well being.
  • LEED & Beyond:

    • GOLD to Platinum - Intel's development center in Petah Tikva was originally aimed by Intel to reach LEED GOLD level, despite a planning process that was conducted in parallel with the execution and an addition of floors in late stage of the planning, we've reached an impressive achievement and received the highest LEED rating – LEED PLATINUM.
    • Synergy: Beyond Its energy efficiency and the advanced working environment, the project was symbiotically designed so the technology will support, preserve and maximize its sustainability, architectural and systems achievements over time.
    • Efficiency & Reduced Pollution, The structure is designed to accommodate 70% of the maximum employees occupancy, to allow the progressive concept that encourages work from home for the purpose of reducing the daily commuting to work, reduced pollution, reduced energy use and reducing the use of raw materials and construction costs.
    • Intelligent building: To support these concepts, the building is networked with about 14,000 sensors, a real-time monitoring and control system that makes it one of the leading smart buildings in the world.
    • Artificial Intelligence(AI): It incorporates a system that frequently learns the work environment - which knows how to allocate work spaces dynamically according to the number of workers arriving on a given day, monitors and controls the level of well-being features as natural light & thermal comfort
    • Advanced Smart Envelope: Innovative double skin facade
    • Designing facades that match the façade directions and the changing climate conditions - each facade is specifically designed according to its reference.
    • Double-screen fronts have a depth ranging from 15 to 60 cm depending on the direction of the front
    • The dual screen wall contains an integral shading system, which operates automatically and dynamically according to sun movement.

    Well-being: Combining the sensor system with the building envelope maintains a structure that preserves the most advanced working spaces in the world, providing high-level of natural lighting, have access and visibility to the outside views from anywhere on the floor, while providing high and thermal comfort despite the Israeli high climatic conditions throughout the day. With a high level of energy saving.

    Efficient O&M (operation and management):   The Sustainable design in the project is reflected also through the dynamic design that understands the environment not only at the planning stage but reads and learns it in practice during its operation life.The structure knows how to respond and live with the environment. While improving the quality of the living space.


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