Cultural Center for the Israel Druze Community in Israel – Abu Sanan
27 בSeptember 2018
Building 27, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
16 בOctober 2018

6-8 HaMasger, Tel Aviv

key facts

The 8-floor building includes an entrance floor for commerce and 7 floors designated for office space. The office building includes 4 floors of underground parking and a bottom level with double car stackers. The Tel Aviv Law Enforcement and Collection System Authority’s offices will be housed in this building.

As a public housing building, it is required to conserve energy in accordance with public housing specifications.

The design of the building is projected to include screen walls and façades with stone surfaces.




the energy rating of the project’s air conditioning systems

Project details:

Location: HaMasger st., Tel Aviv

Architect: Barak Gilboa Architects

Client: Public housing

WAWA operations: Green building

Construction category: Office space

Added value:

As the building projected to house the Law Enforcement and Collection System Authority, the project has a limited budget, but is required to make great strides to achieve energy efficiency.

Added value:

Advanced air-conditioning systems with an A energy rating are employed in this project.

Daylight and proximity sensors were placed in all the public and office spaces.

A BMS system was used to control all the energy consuming systems in the project, in order to control the times that the light circuits and air-conditioning systems are switched on and off.

The thermal insulation of the project is significant, and reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Significantly energy-efficient light fixtures were selected.

The lighting is connected to separate circuits.


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