LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Its an international green building standard requiring comprehensive architectural and technological knowledge. 

Designing a LEED project requires a broad and profound vision for all aspects of the building. A deep understanding is necessary to address architectural issues, air conditioning, energy efficiency, landscaping, water systems and more. Innovative methods are composed to address environmental conditions, enabling better and healthier living conditions. The financial feasibility and attractiveness of the project are maintained from the design stage through occupancy.


In recent years, many companies demand that their buildings meet green building requirements, usually according to the LEED standard.

Green building according to the LEED standard is a process that begins in the early preliminary planning stage and is conducted in collaboration with all project planners.


At WAWA, the entire process is followed. We use an integrative design approach to reach efficient, optimal and economically feasible buildings. Our team has expertise with LEED projects and a deep mastery of various innovative and green technologies. We harbor the disciplines crucial to designing an exemplary performing project.


Planning a LEED project takes many issues into account, including:

  • Determining and understanding the project with the owner and the architect.
  • Integrated Project Design (IPD) process – convening the project team and the owner to clearly define solutions in the schematic design phase. This shortens planning time and cuts costs from unintended outcomes.
  • Analyzing the project and preparing a comprehensive report for LEED rating.
  • Analyzing cost-benefits and defining strategies to reach green objectives.
  • Performing analyses and simulations of the design to test the utilization of the project’s environmental conditions, such as:
  • Sun – for natural lighting and electricity generation,
  • Wind – to create thermal comfort and natural ventilation,
  • Shading – for preventing direct light penetration and heat infiltration,
  • Energy efficiency – to determine solutions with low energy consumption.
  • Supervision and monitoring to ensure energy systems are performing at the highest level of efficiency.


Projects that meet green standards are proven to be healthier, more efficient, and lead to significantly improved employee productivity, academic achievements, and a better living environment.

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