B.S.R. Sarona Tel Aviv
2 בAugust 2018
Sde Dov Complex, Tel Aviv
4 בAugust 2018

Dofen HaKirya (Dofen Kaplan) – The Eastern Entrance to Tel Aviv

key facts

First-place winner in a closed competition held by the Tel Aviv municipality for the design of a draft of the complex: Metropolis – City-Neighborhood.

All urban development principles of sustainable architecture are expressed in this project. These principles include two primary, parallel, complementary fields: creating an advanced, healthy, efficient residential and work environment that prioritizes pedestrians in the public area, and that reflects the centrality of the public, urban space, by following the variety of rules for sustainable urban planning.

The green design was assimilated into the planning process, optimizing the use of natural resources: sun – shading and right to light; wind – ventilating the public area and creating comfortable conditions on the pedestrian level; materials, etc. The planning process included minimizing or preventing environmental concerns over the course of the project: an intensive green roof delineated by a row of large trees, a wide, roofed bridge for pedestrians and bicycles, areas and facilities for leisure activities, and large balconies that provide apartments with suitable shading.




Winner of an architectural competition

Project Details:

Winner of an architectural competition

Location: Kaplan street junction and Begin Tel Aviv

Architect: Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

Entrepreneur: Tel Aviv Municipality

Wawa's Activity: Consulting for green architecture and advanced simulations

Construction category: mixed uses - residential offices and commercial


Dofen Kaplan zoning offered a remarkable design opportunity: evacuating a large military base complex that had been surrounded by fencing for many years, safeguarding secrets within its bounds while protecting the public land from flawed development.

The urban crowding policy featured in the plan along with the city’s high land value and the Templar Colony – without any additional, new construction – naturally led to massive, tall, dense construction of up to fifty stories high at the Begin Road and Kaplan Street intersection. In order to achieve the urban and climatic objectives of green architecture, the construction was dismantled into components that in their entirety conveyed the green approach.

Added value

The design that won the architecture competition implements the various principles of sustainable urban planning, including: assimilating an efficient and advanced residential and work environment which creates a sensitive development that considers people’s wellbeing as a top priority, that creates a lively urban environment, and that preserves the space’s natural and environmental resources as well as its cultural and historical values. This is all performed without making any compromises on intensive development and dense building requirements.

The green design is implemented by use of an array of sustainable urban planning tools that enable:

  • Livable streets
  • Lively/sustainable/safe/healthy city
  • Multi-level city
  • Mixed-uses

These lead to the implementation of an urban complex with green urban construction characteristics that allow:

  • Vitality, dynamism
  • Interaction between residents
  • Encouragement of social, cultural and commercial activity
  • Reinforcement of the public space, and more

This is all performed while optimizing the use of natural resources: sun – shading and right to light; wind – ventilating the public area and creating comfortable conditions on the pedestrian level; materials, etc., while minimizing or preventing environmental issues over the course of the project.


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