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7 בAugust 2018
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Tidhar on the Park Rosh Ha’ayin

key facts

A residential project with 4 lots, each containing 5 buildings: 3 x 8 floor buildings and 2 x 21 floor buildings.

The project is part of a plan to expand Rosh Ha’ayin’s built-up area to the southeast and to establish a new residential quarter. The plan is part of a critical mass of 14,000 new residential units slated to be constructed on the eastern hills of Rosh Ha’ayin.

Prominent green elements in the project included: An A energy efficiency rating – a 30% improvement in thermal insulation, the harvesting of air conditioning water to save 50% of irrigation water, and a plan for an improved energy conserving façade. CFD analyses, and shading and sun exposure analysis were performed for all 20 buildings.


Buildings in the complex


Residential units

Project Details:

Architect: Ilan Fibko Architects

Client: Tidhar

WAWA operations: Certification for Standard 5281, wind analysis, sun exposure and shading analysis

Building category: Residential


The residential neighborhood is large and requires comprehensive, inclusive solutions for a sizable space, while building comfortable residential units that reduce costs for both the occupants and the entrepreneur.

The need to create expansive open spaces that require small quantities of irrigation water and that cut water consumption.

Added value:

  • Significant economic savings on energy consumption of the residential units, and on water consumption for the building’s interior and exterior areas.
  • The development of bicycle paths and storage infrastructure for bicycles for user convenience.
  • The establishment of a built-up space with many green areas for public use in the expansive residential complex reaching the dimensions of a neighborhood.
  • The findings of the wind and shading simulations performed by WAWA enabled the continuation of existing plan without the need for structural changes. The following findings were demonstrated:
    • Shading analysis found that the adjacent buildings’ rights to light are preserved. The buildings surrounding the public open space create gradual shading at all hours of the day and all seasons of the year. In the transitional seasons and in the summer, the shadow mostly moves near the edges of the public open space, and the center is exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day. In the winter, the public open space is gradually shaded with its central section shaded for most of the day.
    • Wind analysis was also performed for the high-rises in the plan – 20 floors high and 73.3 sqm – as well as the low-rises in the plan – 8 floors high and 33.2 sqm. The analysis indicated that in the summer and in transitional seasons, the Beaufort scale classification of wind speed on the pedestrian level is B2, and wind speed on the pedestrian level is comfortable and does not exceed 2.49 m/s.
    • In the winter, the average wind speed classification on the pedestrian level is B2 on the Beaufort scale, and wind speed on the pedestrian level is comfortable and does not exceed 2.64 m/s.

Even in extreme wind conditions measured, the wind speed is not expected to exceed 7 m/s, a moderate, tolerable wind speed, with no dangerous winds predicted.

In the winter, wind penetrates the development area, and should be mitigated with large-branched trees.

In the event of turbulence, the maximum wind speed in the corners of the building will have a classification of B5 on the Beaufort scale, defined as tolerable and not dangerous. The chance of wind reaching this speed is as low as 0.5%.


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